Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings in Bromley

Occasionally your dentist may tell you that you need a filling, and this is most often caused by dental decay. Dental decay arises from drinking sugary foods and carbonated drinks alongside ineffective toothbrushing and more.

Why might I need a Filling?

When a tooth is decayed it becomes weaker and more likely to break or fracture. If the decay is extensive, it may also extend towards the nerve of the tooth causing you pain. If left untreated, your tooth may not be saveable and may even need taking out.

How to avoid Dental Fillings

Here at The Mary Jones Dental Practice we put a strong emphasis on Preventive dental care, helping you to prevent dental decay from happening in the first place. With regular check ups and dental hygiene appointments we can help not only clean your teeth professionally using the latest modern equipment, but also advise you with tips and tricks on how to brush most effectively!

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White Fillings

Natural tooth coloured fillings are a very popular choice because of the ability of the white composite material to match the shade, translucency and even texture of your own teeth. White composite fillings provide a much better aesthetic result than the old amalgam (silver) fillings. Not only are they cosmetically more appealing but they are bonded into the tooth, helping the tooth’s overall structure.

Before and After Photos

Before                                            After