Childrens Dentistry

Childrens Dentistry in Bromley

At the Mary Jones Dental Practice we appreciate the great importance of ensuring your children have healthy teeth for life.

Visiting the Dentist can be made a fun and positive experience, and with a free dental examination* we hope we can help you to prevent your child from experiencing potential dental problems when they are older.

How can I help look after my Child’s teeth?

You can help your child maintain good oral health an prevent dental disease a number of ways:

At the dentist

  • Ensure your child is attending for check-ups at appropriate times, on recommendation by the Dentist. Why not get in touch now to find out how we can help you?

At home

  1. Toothbrushing at least twice a day – once before bed and another time throughout the day – we also recommend parents to supervise brushing until around 7 years old
  2. Use fluoride toothpaste (strengths vary depending on your childs age)
  3. Healthy eating – avoiding sugary foods and drinks


* Please note that free dental examination applies to new patients only, under the age of 16, and does not include x-ray and other treatment costs.