Align, Bleach & Bond (ABB)

Align, Bleach and Bond (ABB) is the latest, most simple and conservative way to transform your smile without the need to pick up a drill.

That means NO tooth cutting, replacing the old methods of drilling away tooth to place veneers. ABB is an incredible solution to achieve an amazing smile makeover.


1. No tooth cutting / drilling

2. No injections

3. Fast treatment time

4. Natural results

5. Great Value


Step 1: Align

Alignment of the teeth is carried out without the need for traditional braces, using the modern and latest braces that can be taken in and out (Inman Aligner or Clear Smile Aligners) See our page on Teeth Straightening for more information on Adult Orthodontics.

Step 2: Bleach

Bleaching (Teeth Whitening) is carried out, brightening and enhancing the smile before bonding. See lots of our successful Bleaching cases carried out by Dr Gill Traynor.

Step 3: Bond

Once the teeth are straightened and white, the last smile step is to build up the edges of the teeth and improve their shape with composite bonding to give amazing results and and enhancements. Click here for a link to our bonding cases to see what incredible results are possible.